Dogtrekking 2016 – Dziewicza Góra

Okrągłe medale wykonane na Dogtrekking –  Dziewicza Góra 20-03-2016. Medale zostały wycięte na drewnie o grubości 6 mm, a projekt w całości pochodzi od Klienta. Na odwrocie medali oznaczono indywidualnie zajęte miejsce oraz kategorię.

These round medals were produced for a Dogtrekking event in Dziewicza Góra which took place on March 20th 2016. The medals, prepared according to a design provided by our customer, were cut in 6 mm thick plywood. Categories and contestants’ results were engraved on the back of the medals.If you are interested in purchasing similar wooden medals, cards or statues, please email us
or call us on 0048698892824.